The age difference between them is three and a half years, Im not sure. You may prove me wrong, but I–being the younger to two of my cousins– believe that younger ones are more sensitive.

My two nieces and I were standing on the stairs, and they were naming different colours. I grabbed the little one and gave her a peck on her fluffy cheek. I don’t think that Mishty liked my gesture. So she said, “She doesn’t know ABCD and she also cannot say a poem. And.. and she is not good in dancing.” She was seven years old. I felt bad for her, saying such things unnecessarily and looked at the younger one, because honestly, I loved her more. Barbie knew very little. I smiled at her as I feared how bad she must be feeling.

How beautifully she smiled back and quickly stuttered, “My didi (elder sister) ..dances good.., knows poem ABCD.,” I could see in her eyes, what she was trying to tell me. No matter what she did not know, she felt safe as long as her sister had all the little talent.
My heart was filled. I had no words to appreciate her. In spite of her sibling resenting her, she looked up at her elder sister. With hope. I felt so proud that I only knew her.

I felt the trust in her small eyes, the innocent smile on her face, she was beyond cute and wonderful person. I never was or ain’t am half the person she is at such a tender age.
My kiddo niece with heart of a gem!


How connected are we? This is the future we’re living in. But how distant we humans have become to humanism. How free are we, even when our country is independent. How relaxed our lives are even after so many luxurious items!

Are you happy? Are you living? When was the last time you stopped and looked around? What all do you miss in life? Do you miss someone’s chirpy smile?

Do you feel embarrassed to confess or ask someone to be your friend? When was the last time you made someone a greeting? When was the last time you told your mother you love her? Or may be cooked for your parents? Have you eaten with your eyes closed? Did you walk on grass today? Barefoot? Or, can you recite a poem? When was the last time you jumped from the 10th or 11th stair’s step?

Did you ever sleep beneath the naked sky? Have you ever gone somewhere without any phone? Like on a long holiday? When was the last time you crossed your limits? Be it eating, drinking, dancing, or driving!!

Do you remember the smell of your old house or street? Did you ever want to start afresh, a new career, a new path, starting from zero? Are you doing what you love? Are you missing something or someone? When was the last time you played hide-n-seek? Did you try to have conversation with a kid who just learnt to speak? Do you sleep like a baby? Do you not put that alarm?

Who was last stranger you talked to? Who was your first crush? Did you ever fall in love? Who is that actor you so wanna make love to? What are you doing about it? Do you like fishing? What is your favourite sports? When did you play it? What was the topmost speed that you drove a car to? What is your favourite colour? Who is your best friend? Have you stayed up all night with your best friend? Can you fly a kite? Do you take random showers?

Do you love yourself? Do you want to settle in some different country? Have you seen sunset or sunrise from a different country? Which your favourite horror movie? How often do you sing or hum? How often do you kiss? Have you ever given someone a head massage? Do you like kids? Have you felt rain on your skin recently? Have you jumped in a cold pool? Has a kid ever fell asleep in your arms? How many plants do you have? What is your favourite song? How loudly can you sing it? How madly you can dance to that tune?

What makes you ecstatic? Are you living?