harry potter! Her favourite set of books. She was reading it on the toilet seat.

“I found this on your table..” the door was banged with a loud tone!


“A novel! Where did you get this from? Since when are you reading this?”

“I’m using the toilet! And then I will bath.”

“Im asking you something. Answer that!”

“I got it from the library. My friend got it on my card. And I got it home by mistake.”

The girl was a bright one. She was a fast reader. She read a 300 page novel in a day or two.

Her father was a novel reader too. He read different thriller novels in Hindi. Her father’s father was a very educated old man, but novels are one thing that he hated. Yes, hate. He was living in his era and considered that these were on lustful and served nothing.

She panicked inside the bathroom and sat inside for an hour. She hid the book under her towel and kept on listening if her father had left the door.

She slowly came out when he went, and hid behind her mother.

Coming back from office she was screamed on, for reading.

She remembered her a year back when her grandparents lived in a different city. Tanishi and her father would share stories of what they were reading with each other. She, 13, would get inside her father’s blanket after finishing Goosebumps in 5 hours after school.

Everything was finished. She was too young and this instance left a mark on her. She had that chill that she could be slapped for believing to read lustful stories, which she did not even like .

Tanishi is 26 years of age, she cannot concentrate on maintaining lines after lines to read. She is confused when selecting books, wishes to go to physiatrist to erase the memory. But she finds it to be too thought upon.

She has given up. She couldn’t go to foreign to pursue her studies. Everything seemed lame and not worth putting efforts for.

How will it all really matter? How does it really matter? This life is here to have joy? Or to have the pleasure to know that people cry when we leave? Or to be remembered in awe that there once lived such person? Or when people thank god that a soul touched this planet?

Will a soul ever take the materials, the luxuries, the great pictures with it?

How are we going to relive? When we, at some point in our own life, are assured by our own self, that we did something, that someday when we die people will be happy to remember us, that we touched their lives. That by being on Earth, we did good for other earthlings. By doing the work of God.

Little spark

When I was little, I remember myself being super excited about new year. Waited for the sky to fill up with fireworks. Life seemed to begin again. Everything bad left behind, taking the good things and lessons ahead and starting a ‘new’ year in real sense. Past and future did not make anything, but present was a gift. Something has come and its totally for me.

When we were little, we were so much smarter.

Thoughtful, forgetful, forgiving, strong, brave, endless are the attributes that we now struggle to instil within us. We found happiness in little things, calm and chaos. New things (like an amused traveller in a foreign country), new mornings or if may come new ideas, whatever.

Everything was acceptable to be given a thought to and appreciated to be someone’s view.

Kids learning is from fun and research only. The real and correct way to learn. Learning is ‘what makes us better in what we already are as a individual‘.

When did we change? Losing our individuality.

Our education system needs to make such drastic changes. We need the education system, but it is lacking in the first and foremost development of human. ‘Only’ knowledge is a waste and can be so evil for mankind.

Human’s potential to listen patiently is important. But is it the only important to be developed. Speaking about what we think about a topic or view presented. How a new subject shall be learnt. How a new idea can be converted into a smart project and then a business. There should be guides and helpers along the way of learning and not just teachers.

Age baring and limiting a child’s thought to whether or not converting into speech process has made us -humans a part of a race we do not even know we are running.

Keeping the batches small. 20 students with 2 teachers is good. But good enough? 10 with a teacher may be good. But what is the right approach for a right topic. Every topic may need a different approach with one to one interaction or may be a group of 50 with team work?

Evaluation of each topic’s capacity to create a great thought and the process of introducing in a way that makes maximum learning by all present.

Letting children speak, involving parents in early stages of school, giving kids a chance to become what they already are. Its time to stop shaping and stressing the children in a way the society works. Enhancing the quality of a human life shall be the main goal.

Because, these people will shape the future. Because the little ones are so much smarter, thoughtful, forgetful, forgiving, strong, brave, happy in little things, calmer, accepter, appreciators and full of gratitude. Let them be full of spark!

All the resolutions..

2019 sent so many wonderful thoughts for me before hand. December has been a great month which showered me with so many sensible ideas and life changing thoughts.

I have resolved to exercise, continue my journaling, be minimal, and give and get more love. Also, I’ve resolved to change my life with my life partner. I’m going to motivate him everyday to be a better person and mutually getting up early to reach our goals.

Meditation resolution I’ve not yet promised myself because it takes lots of strength.

Thought of the day

The planet doesn’t need so much stuff and so much conversion of resources into the things we don’t need. The planet need happy beings, joyous creatures and satisfied humans. Humans who look forward to exploring the Earth. Humans being kinder than their belief. Humans showing that they are worthiness of sustaining, in an environment more than just comfort.

Do not let failure fail you!

Success may take years to come. Because the world is over populated.

For example, if you are building a channel on youtube and want a million followers, you will have to work for at least a year on it. There are people who have been doing youtube from years. And it takes days to reach the video to so many people. And your genre of interest may not be of so many others. So calm down and do not give up.

The very first achievement is finding what you really want to do. So you are already great. Most of us just let things happen and keep doing what we are doing and wait, for things to happen for when we will start thinking what we want to do.

Finding happiness in small completion of goals is another great stuff. It keeps us motivated and we feel like an achiever.

Do not work only for success. Work for inspiration. Work for what inspires us and motivates us. Work for what inspires others and motivates them to be better and kind to the planet, humans and all little and big beings living with us.


On finding a lost soul

Good things do make a difference.

I have seen such huge difference in my attitude towards life. I’m better at focusing at the areas I want to work on. I am completely avoiding the areas that do not serve my purpose in life or that do not grow me.

Areas of interest are very much in travelling, donating, writing and doing something for the society everyday to make a difference in the world. I look forward everyday to nourish, care for and love my husband and child.

Somehow, removing the clutter has given me so much space. I’m not only talking about my closet, but also in my mind. God knows how, I have so much more time every single day.

I’m focusing on how to get up early in the morning and start journaling to utilise this wonderful time. I’m also learning effective ways to journal. And being self disciplined.

One little step at a time.

In charge of my actions

No one but me. I am the one who has brought my life here. ‘I wish I had done this..’ take charge now. Bring little changes, stay away from negativity, a little step at a time towards your goal.

Everything takes time. That huge Banyan Tree has taken hundreds of years to be the brilliance we all look at with wonder. Be that. Have strong roots and keep moving forward.

One step at a time.

Positive motivation

Positive motivation towards achieving the goal always work.

Internet is a flow of over pouring information. How do we achieve what we want to? How do you get hundreds of followers? I am not in any obvious position to say this, but I’ve discovered.

If you share/publish a post, picture or video, you get likes, stars or comments. These are short term awards. They do not define you in a long term but in a short term you are praised for your work. You feel appreciated and loved. You start doing more of it. Its a cycle.

Then comes the number, how do we increase it. It becomes a habit to see ourself liked and we become addicted. This addiction is good as long as we keep going in a direction that serves us better and guides us closer to our goal. Being a great blogger.

The more people you reach out to, the more people you get connected with and that compatibility grows. Networking is important.

New content is important. Stop sharing what people want to hear. It may be interesting for sometime, but you may lose your real depth of writing. Write your heart, whether or not people like it.