Don’t fall for what is seeming tempting at the moment.. Focus on things that make you stronger and smarter.
Work on yourself. The best will automatically come and will stay with you.


Page from Her Diary..

A random shot at writing about lost love..

There’s nothing I can do about it. I am a coward and I know it. My heart skips beats these days so many times. Please don’t go. Understand that I need you and I am helpless, I can’t call for you. Just be there, just looking at you, just you being around everything seems fine. I really really miss you. I know you have your problems, we’ll deal with them together. I’m sorry for being ignorant, don’t do that with me. Come back as you were before. I don’t like it when you look at her, or when I get to know that you talked to her, I am jealous and I accept it. I’m sorry I asked you not to call me, I am sorry I had my tantrums. I miss you, I’m here now, I promise if you fall I’ll catch you or else I’ll fall with you.

I don’t have the courage to say somethings, because I’m not sure what words to choose, and I don’t want to hurt you or me. But that doesnt mean I don’t want you. Every part of me wants every part of you. Please please come back.. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you so much. I want to feel how it feels to hug you. I want to hold you, please forgive me. I’m sorry. Come back. I miss you. I promise I’ll be better person. I don’t know what else to say.. I wish somehow you know..


Early morning, he woke up having a bad dream. The dream wasn’t that bad, only that he did not like it, couldn’t remember most of it and feared it to go true.

Shrugging off the superstition, he moved on to his daily chores when his 8 year old kid said,” Daddy, stomachache!”
For seconds or so he looked at her little eyes and ran to catch her, “come here you little cupcake! Come here..” And she ran around the house screamingly giggling with excuses to not to go to school.
Catching up with her was a task which he somehow managed. But telling her that her mother will be picking her up and he’ll get to meet her the next friday, was never easy.
“I love you Daddy!” she says as she leaves the car to rush back again, “I know I will go with Mommy. Bye Daddy!” He could see her growing up and he seemed old in the mirror.

“Don’t you think you should first talk to her?” She asked.
“No, I think she’s going to adore you.” He said taking her hand in his.
The door of the lift opened and she panicked even more, “What if she doesn’t? What will we do then? Did I forget something? Are you sure she likes puzzles?”

He smiled at her as he gave her a final nod of opening the door to the apartment,”Baby! Relax.. She’s my daughter. And I know she’ll love you. ”
When they entered, they saw her sitting on the table doing her homework. He walked towards her and said, “Honey, someone has come to meet you.”
“Has someone come, or have you brought Aunt Lucy to meet me, Daddy?” She teased her father when the three exchanged surprising looks .

“See what I’ve got for you!” Lucy hurried with the gifts and all fell from her hand except one. She stepped forward with tears in her big blue eyes, handing it over to Naumi, “I’m sorry. I hope you like it.”

While Naumi opened the wrap and her father watched her curiosity, Lucy prayed that she likes it. It was a teddy holding a photo frame. She placed picture of Naumi and Steve in it.
“Look Daddy! You look so handsome! We went here last summer, when you and Mommy were together.”
“Maybe we can go again, and show aunt Lucy what its like?”
“Yeah, maybe we can do that, if she’d like to come.”
“Oh I’d love to.”

When Steve went to pick a call from work which wasn’t one, to see them gel from a distance, Lucy and Naumi sat opening second gift of the eight gifts she got.
“You know I like you, if that is what you want to know. But you cannot cry like this, and you have to promise me if I have a little sister and you ever stay away from my Daddy, my sister will meet you on Fridays and stay with Daddy!”

With nothing to say, she nodded and hugged the kid, and the father was moved.

Be Brief

Task: You’re walking on a path and you stumble upon a letter. You pick it, read it and you’re left emotionally touched.
Twist: Be as brief as you can.

I picked that half-burned page, “Mum, I hope you understand. I cannot kill it. Dad, I wish I had made you proud, I’m sorry. I wish Jeff married me, but he..”

She left everything for that one life that even the biological father didn’t want? Picture-less thoughts swarmed.

Three Songs

‘All for Love’ by Bryan Adams!
Oh my god! I don’t know why I like this song so much.. Is it obvious?

When there’s someone that you know, then just let your feelings show..

I won’t say much about this one. Sometimes, I like starting my day to this song – not always.

The second one in the row, the one I’m listening to right now is ‘Paper Planes’ from Slumdog Millionaire.
The funny part is I like this song because it makes me feel important and strong, like I can do anything in the world- not just sulk.

I know its not the best way to write this post because I’ve already read so many good ones. I’m unable to discover something new, I hope I will during the month. I think there’s something wrong with my body, it’s not in my minds control.

The third song is one given by my friend today itself and I’ve heard it for the first time. It’s amazing!
‘Chhayi Hai Tanhayi’ by Salim Merchant and Amanat Ali from the movie ‘Love Break-up Zindagi’
It’s a love song singing about why some people come in our life when they have to leave.. I don’t understand why did I cry so much to it and then hide away the tears so easily.
I know this post is worse than the one I wrote on first day, but it’s close to me.

If you enjoy it or not, do leave a comment. Take care!

A room with a view

For me, giving a title to a post is overrated. So I’m mostly going to use something like the one I’ve used in this one.
A room with a view!
Writing101: Am I stuck at something from where I can never return? Will I be embarrassed about all the silly posts I’m going to publish during the month? Today I’m going to go with the flow and mix up the first and second task.

She watched as the class dispersed into groups -of twos, threes, six or solitary boys and girls. Though collectively by the noise it looked like they had best exam ever. But when she looked closer at each face, most are just faking the happiness. Some were just happy because the bad part is over and now they can enjoy the regular school again. A quick glance of the crush or multiple crushes, was all what some felt fine with.

He came near and stood besides her,

“what are you doing here?”

She said

“Getting fresh air.”

He smiled and continued,

” Lets go inside.”

She followed him blindly in the class, walking the steps to their seat was dance to her. She moved gracefully sat besides, and they talked about nothing.

A class strength of sixty with no teacher standing in front, and what she felt was complete calmness and happiness and a burst of fresh air. Every soul in the room was just an image travelling in light and all she could feel was her heartbeat.

It wasn’t just a classroom to her, it was the world. A simple eye contact which isn’t one, was what she treasured and the wall that she gazed was pretty even if it was dirty with shoe marks. The cluttering was rhythmic as her hair swayed under the fan and her shiny skin below the above light. Her lips flirted with the pink cheeks and she felt beautiful. For her, it was only them sitting in the class and even after sitting next to him, even after ignoring him completely, she felt safe because her heart was there and it was not broken.