Becoming better

Everyday nowadays, I focus on becoming better. I thought of starting my post with a quote. I googled but nothing as per my opinion. 

Better will also be a comparision. Being spiritually high. High is again a standard. Being spiritual.

If you carefully live your life, you will notice we spend most of our time comparing with others. We compare ourselves, our family, children, lives, other people to other people. This has become so constant that we think it is normal. Trying to improve ourselves by comparing to ourselves is a good though but then there can be an alternative. I was a good person yesterday. And today I’m improving. 

I believe the most important thing to do as a human is to respect someones feelings and making sure they are not hurt because of us. Every person has a different way of life and thoughts. Helping someone to improve as a person and through someone getting a chance to understand the motive of life. Peace.