She wished she had one person.. Just one whole person.
She wished if she could be all for herself. For once.
She wished she was not so broken.
She wished she could end her need to be happy.



Good evening every one.. Three simple questions..

Why does heart make the mind weaker? Why can’t the brains make the heart stronger?? And why do I always feel that blogging is more about taking out our frustration than finding the positives in our life’s? Or is it just me?

They are four. Never-mind. Answer if you read. Cheers!

Once upon a time

Once upon a time..
I found a gem, it became mine
Day after day it’s value increased
I hid it somewhere- not to lose
It was time, I wanted it back
Looked where I left it, wasn’t there
Gem was lost, the color had changed
For it’s still a gem, value to be same
My only desire and prayer
I wnder still, if it was ever mine..

The Flavor

As I looked outside the window, she walked out of the taxi and paid the driver hundred rupees who asked for a better note. I looked carefully.

“Ma’am are you ordering now?” the waitress called me, grabbing my attention.
“Yes? I’m waiting for a friend.” I said, “Okay, get me a cold coffee!”
“And one hot hot for me.” Veena entered and smiled. I smiled back, more with the relief of having a company. We hugged each other, after three long years. I felt my friend in my arms.

“What happened? You know how scared I got when you said you were dead!” I asked her.
“ Where did you tell your dad you were going so late?” Veena asked back.
“Of course I said i was meeting you and your new job’s pending party”
“Clever..! Asking for treat indirectly.”
“No, directly. Now will you tell me what’s on?”

She held my hand tight and whispered “Aahana, promise me..”
“..you know I woudn’t tell..” I interrupted.
“..you won’t shout on me and listen calmly..”
“ Come on…”

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