Mothers at their best. 

How much a child loves his/her mother! It’s unbelievable how many times a child calls her in a day or an hour itself. They don’t get tired of looking at her beautiful heart and hiding michiefly to make her smile. So precious a mother is to every child. Her voice and her fragrance gives so much comfort, love and homeliness. 

If only one can tell, if it’s a mother’s beauty or a child’s innocence that has made this relation so pure and heartwarming. Every bond is so great to look at and notice how they care for each other. 

Mother’s Day

A special wish to all the first time mothers out there. Don’t forget to do something for yourselves on behalf of your infant. Babies are cute, specially their first year. We have sleepless nights but that means more time to spend with the munchkin. We are making an awesome human.

My baby is a superhero. Only four days are left to go back (from Mom’s place) to work and I’m already sinking in the dillemma of never going (staying is difficult too because I don’t like it very much here.) But my baby is showing so much love! He hugs me and doesn’t want me to leave the room, he is just 5months. Sometimes want is better than need. A stupid example is, “Do I need a baby? Or I want a baby?” Both. His unconditional love makes me feel life there will not be that bad  with him by my side to make me smile atleast before sleeping. 

Happy Mother’s day ladies. The best thing to do for your child is to give them you presence and love. The best things to do for yourself is to stay strong, healthy, happy and meditate. 

Divaga and her beast

She walked her way to the stairs downwards. If a man were present, he could only lust for her and women couldn’t help but envy the enchanting sensuality. Not even a single pillar of all the hundreds of pillars she crossed by was touched to a slightest. She wouldn’t care to notice all gazing her. The minimum that the body was covered was all in noiseless jewellery than the clothes, but her soul seemed naked.

Before you could dare to look at her ecstatic eyes and shining shadow, an elegant beast will already be looking through you. Every step she took was followed by her tiger as ravishingly. This was a remarkable memory to her and the tiger every year. The feel of their chemistry cannot be expressed. Her’s was the most endearing presence, she met each and every woman and girl and they later on soaked in the glittery clear pool.

Each lady’s animal waited for their master, but the only tiger would accompany her for their bath. He would then carry away all the few things hiding her skin. And bring to her- her drape of pink and no metal. After the aroma steam, she would sit on her elephant and leave for the palace. Midnight she stood in the windy balcony, complaining yet regarding the 10th full moon as her hair swayed in rhyme with her simple attire and the tiger sat on the wide railing guarding and admiring her.


Love Relation

Husband. He is the opposite sex. Why do we forget that? Why do husbands remember but avoid that? We are not clones. Individuals act differently.
Husband is our life partner. We fall in love, get married and then grow up together but apart. Why does it happen so?

I’ve seen that in this modern era, people are suffering more. Depression and divorces are becoming so common. What is compatibility?
Loving someone beyond liking him is love. Asking a person to behave in a manner you like, is not.

My husband and I are one bad combination. Ours was an arranged marriage, we fell in love during courtship period. Many a times we realized it will be a difficult journey but we exchanged our vows on the decided date according to our ‘kundlis‘.

Living separately in different cities and talking on phone is one thing. When we met, I was allowed to be late and was appreciated. He was allowed to take the important calls and dress insanely.

But now after sharing one bedroom, life became complicated. Both of our space vanished in thin air. Due to the hectic events during marriage, I became so tired and cheerless and sleepless that I almost hacked into his life. And he did was- focusing on my flaws. Both of us didn’t know what we were doing.

I knew we had to stick together. We had to give ourselves a chance. We knew we loved each other because no matter how much we hated the incompatibly, we couldn’t think apart (I love him!)

But because men are stupid, its women’s job to tell him how things work. I told him we had to start talking. Our conversations had become small and that had to improve. He taught me to keep silent when irritated. Tough for both of us! We started to know each other from beginning.

For twenty seven years he had been growing at a distant city in a different environment, with unlike people and a catchy-contrast day routine. So was I. We suddenly expected to be perfect for each others in three months. We may/may not be in a year or a decade or our entire lifetime.

Now we are learning. To appreciate and love the life together. To respect the distance because it helps us to forgive and miss each other. We are teaching and changing our ways of life. And discovering the days and years we’ve missed.
We are finding love, everyday.


Mothers are most beautiful human. The love they have inside them is limitless which flows like a river. Needn’t say!
No matter where I am, no matter how stupid I behave, I love you Mumme! The mostest in the world.
No matter where I look for, there isn’t one heart that can love me like you do!
I wish you all the happiness in the world.

A room with a view

For me, giving a title to a post is overrated. So I’m mostly going to use something like the one I’ve used in this one.
A room with a view!
Writing101: Am I stuck at something from where I can never return? Will I be embarrassed about all the silly posts I’m going to publish during the month? Today I’m going to go with the flow and mix up the first and second task.

She watched as the class dispersed into groups -of twos, threes, six or solitary boys and girls. Though collectively by the noise it looked like they had best exam ever. But when she looked closer at each face, most are just faking the happiness. Some were just happy because the bad part is over and now they can enjoy the regular school again. A quick glance of the crush or multiple crushes, was all what some felt fine with.

He came near and stood besides her,

“what are you doing here?”

She said

“Getting fresh air.”

He smiled and continued,

” Lets go inside.”

She followed him blindly in the class, walking the steps to their seat was dance to her. She moved gracefully sat besides, and they talked about nothing.

A class strength of sixty with no teacher standing in front, and what she felt was complete calmness and happiness and a burst of fresh air. Every soul in the room was just an image travelling in light and all she could feel was her heartbeat.

It wasn’t just a classroom to her, it was the world. A simple eye contact which isn’t one, was what she treasured and the wall that she gazed was pretty even if it was dirty with shoe marks. The cluttering was rhythmic as her hair swayed under the fan and her shiny skin below the above light. Her lips flirted with the pink cheeks and she felt beautiful. For her, it was only them sitting in the class and even after sitting next to him, even after ignoring him completely, she felt safe because her heart was there and it was not broken.