Lata and Shiv: 3

The wealthy families of the cast and outside, of city and country and friends and aquantaince, everyone would put efforts for their girls. But the man with all riches, had his heart for that girl, who he almost saw. 

He cancelled his next flight from Raipur hoping she’d visit again. Every week, the same day when he saw the old lady walk the edgy hill near Arang. Back home, his friends- asked by his parents- would show him pictures of prospective brides. Apart from his work, he would have only one thought, ‘what was about her? Why were everyone looking at her?‘ 

Lata and Shiv: 2

The moment he felt he was rethinking of speaking a statement, he stopped and kept mum. He understood the warning signal by his brain to his brain. Complicated it was, but he was learning to master. 

He told Lata,”I’m very much in love with you and so I want your happiness.” 

His mind processed the thought ‘I know your happiness is with me. I don’t have any comfort to give you but we, together, are so good.‘ 

Whatever decision you will take, I’ll respect that. I am wrong to disturb your peace. We are good, but your happiness matters more. I can only love you, but your husband will give you all the luxuries” he said.