Little spark

When I was little, I remember myself being super excited about new year. Waited for the sky to fill up with fireworks. Life seemed to begin again. Everything bad left behind, taking the good things and lessons ahead and starting a ‘new’ year in real sense. Past and future did not make anything, but present was a gift. Something has come and its totally for me.

When we were little, we were so much smarter.

Thoughtful, forgetful, forgiving, strong, brave, endless are the attributes that we now struggle to instil within us. We found happiness in little things, calm and chaos. New things (like an amused traveller in a foreign country), new mornings or if may come new ideas, whatever.

Everything was acceptable to be given a thought to and appreciated to be someone’s view.

Kids learning is from fun and research only. The real and correct way to learn. Learning is ‘what makes us better in what we already are as a individual‘.

When did we change? Losing our individuality.

Our education system needs to make such drastic changes. We need the education system, but it is lacking in the first and foremost development of human. ‘Only’ knowledge is a waste and can be so evil for mankind.

Human’s potential to listen patiently is important. But is it the only important to be developed. Speaking about what we think about a topic or view presented. How a new subject shall be learnt. How a new idea can be converted into a smart project and then a business. There should be guides and helpers along the way of learning and not just teachers.

Age baring and limiting a child’s thought to whether or not converting into speech process has made us -humans a part of a race we do not even know we are running.

Keeping the batches small. 20 students with 2 teachers is good. But good enough? 10 with a teacher may be good. But what is the right approach for a right topic. Every topic may need a different approach with one to one interaction or may be a group of 50 with team work?

Evaluation of each topic’s capacity to create a great thought and the process of introducing in a way that makes maximum learning by all present.

Letting children speak, involving parents in early stages of school, giving kids a chance to become what they already are. Its time to stop shaping and stressing the children in a way the society works. Enhancing the quality of a human life shall be the main goal.

Because, these people will shape the future. Because the little ones are so much smarter, thoughtful, forgetful, forgiving, strong, brave, happy in little things, calmer, accepter, appreciators and full of gratitude. Let them be full of spark!

Do not let failure fail you!

Success may take years to come. Because the world is over populated.

For example, if you are building a channel on youtube and want a million followers, you will have to work for at least a year on it. There are people who have been doing youtube from years. And it takes days to reach the video to so many people. And your genre of interest may not be of so many others. So calm down and do not give up.

The very first achievement is finding what you really want to do. So you are already great. Most of us just let things happen and keep doing what we are doing and wait, for things to happen for when we will start thinking what we want to do.

Finding happiness in small completion of goals is another great stuff. It keeps us motivated and we feel like an achiever.

Do not work only for success. Work for inspiration. Work for what inspires us and motivates us. Work for what inspires others and motivates them to be better and kind to the planet, humans and all little and big beings living with us.


On finding a lost soul

Good things do make a difference.

I have seen such huge difference in my attitude towards life. I’m better at focusing at the areas I want to work on. I am completely avoiding the areas that do not serve my purpose in life or that do not grow me.

Areas of interest are very much in travelling, donating, writing and doing something for the society everyday to make a difference in the world. I look forward everyday to nourish, care for and love my husband and child.

Somehow, removing the clutter has given me so much space. I’m not only talking about my closet, but also in my mind. God knows how, I have so much more time every single day.

I’m focusing on how to get up early in the morning and start journaling to utilise this wonderful time. I’m also learning effective ways to journal. And being self disciplined.

One little step at a time.

The Flavor

As I looked outside the window, she walked out of the taxi and paid the driver hundred rupees who asked for a better note. I looked carefully.

“Ma’am are you ordering now?” the waitress called me, grabbing my attention.
“Yes? I’m waiting for a friend.” I said, “Okay, get me a cold coffee!”
“And one hot hot for me.” Veena entered and smiled. I smiled back, more with the relief of having a company. We hugged each other, after three long years. I felt my friend in my arms.

“What happened? You know how scared I got when you said you were dead!” I asked her.
“ Where did you tell your dad you were going so late?” Veena asked back.
“Of course I said i was meeting you and your new job’s pending party”
“Clever..! Asking for party indirectly.”
“No, directly. Now will you tell me what’s on?”

She held my hand tight and whispered “Aahana, promise me..”
“ know I woudn’t tell..” I interrupted.
“ won’t shout on me and listen calmly..”
“ Come on…”

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