Miles away I saw it standing tall, and sharp. So gorgeous at night, and light show exactly at 11. Pictures and videos! No. I want to live that moment. I’m in Paris. 

I was right below it, and at the top, admiring the city. More than anything, the happy and excited faces of tourist from all over the places. What was the best thing about being there? I don’t know. Maybe, just being there and living the hype. 

Street vendors understand the looks on the faces of tourist. Few of them followed us till the restraunt. It was horrofic. They try to sell their Effiel tower showpieces as souvenirs. 

It was difficult finding people who speak english. Specially, explaining taxi drivers. There are hop on hop off busses, which are so tempting and good deal for city tour. But we had to go to Disneyland. Shops close early. Inhabitants from all over the world. Cotton candy and caramel popcorn, small chariots and expensive cars, Prada and paparazzi. 

Two days in the city? Not enough. But then we went to AMSTERDAM!! 

Colourful food. Voguish clothes. All kinds of people. Crazy city. Love.