Write now!

Times when I felt writing was important to me, being the one thing that I could actually do, I would end up writing one chapter of my never-completing book/novel.

I started writing ever since I remember, but never took it seriously. My few friends read everything I wrote, gave their honest opinions, but now I wanted a different audience. Readers who did not know my existence till I posted, most wouldn’t care until I kept posting. I decided to take up a name and not to connect my blog with any other social account.

The day I started blogging, I had just one fine article written and appreciated.

The difficult part was, not receiving a single remark on what I wrote and to still continue writing to void. I learnt to write just because I wanted to, and not to develop a likeable writing style.
I thought, who on WordPress would have time to read. And its okay! Everybody must be so busy writing (read, blogging).

So, I started going through my reader, full of great articles, from people who are so good at it. I realised, reading those people became important to me.
Three days later, I got a follow notification and I thought, “crap, somebody liked it.” Somebody actually read. That feeling was special.

Through this article, I don’t expect anybody to connect with me on how good or miserable blogging may feel, neither do I think there is anyone as ignorant as I am.

All I know, we are going somewhere as far as we keep walking. Now I write everyday, whether I post or not. Everyday, I’ve got something to say, and I write it in any form. Then edit it later. But, I make sure that I don’t lose that thought in mind. That’s the best thing that has happened so far.

My first follower and all of you, the one who is reading this, thank you for your encouragement.
Mine is the most ordinary blog! And you and I are the most important persons, who I’m obliged to write for.