On eating fruits. 

Eat one fruit at a time. Each fruit contain different nutritions but eating them all at a time could bring no good. Especially, when consuming sour fruits (juice or cut fruit,) eat one type of fruit at a time. Because these fruits contain different acids. For example: Pomegranate contain ellagic acid where as red apple has amino acid and green apple – manic acid, and orange contains citric acid.  It is not possible for us to look at every fruits acidic list. 

I’m still looking if my theory is correct or not, but here my country it is so famous to have mixed fruit juice. Once in a while may be fine, but shouldn’t be on a regular basis.

Let go and lets go

I’m 23, married. Life’s difficult as it is for everybody. I always imagined that after getting married, I’ll travel a lot with my husband. But I didn’t focus much on that part. Now I understand what is that I love to do the most. It is travelling, being at a new place every now and then. I’ve been to some places and have been crazily happy and tired and someone other than myself.

Travelling is not just about the good feeling, it is also about the bad feelings, the struggles, and if it is a vegetarian like me.. totally screwed. Being back home is good regarding the food, but other than that.. When you keep moving.. that feeling is amazing.. the power to let go.. whoa!!

I want to travel every month.. Go somewhere for a week at least. But my life seems more controlled by others than me. I can’t just leave on my own. Having a husband who cares, but earning is also important.

Standing on the top of Effiel Tower (temperature 5 degrees or less,) and wearing no sweater or overcoat. Dying of the pain in stomach- out of breath, climbing the  mountain and paragliding or walking in the forest and doing some amazing ziplines. Jumping around in Disneyland with candy floss all over the face, or attending the Kingsday with beer in a hand and orange juice in another.. *arghhh!!*

I can never forget those tacos I ate in Queenstown, New Zealand, near the Sofitel hotel or the lake, we could say. $14 for the tourist and $12 for the locals. Such good food after such long time, god bless those guys! I can do anything to eat them again.. apart from studying this monotonous syllabus of my studies!

I’m up for doing a job that makes us travel, but my partner isn’t in it for me. What a waste of dream..