Day 8: Different Thoughts

Peace hasn’t come yet. The plan to become a better and positive person is kind of failing. There is this urge to answer back to people and tell them that ‘this is how I’m right’ , ‘I am saying this and you are understanding this.’ 

Most of the thoughts are anger, irritation, and misunderstanding and a feeling to run away from life finding it useless. 

When we keep wishing on things that we actually want to do, then why can’t/don’t we do it. Even after knowning this is one life that we’ve got and next we won’t remember. 

Nowadays if we don’t explain our part, everyone think that we are accepting our fault. In sanskrit ‘Maunam sukriti laxanam’. 

There should be ‘Maun vrat (silence fasting)’ once every week. Ahhh! I wish I could do that so that people could understand that silence is not always acceptance but avoidance of quarell! 

Day 1: headache and tears. 

Trying to be good. I’m trying to stop looking at other person’s judgements about me. To rise above the competition of making a person bad. And raise the standard of thinking. 

Someone has rightly said that talk about ideas or places rather than people. It’s for my peace of mind. It’s to avoid the circle of negitivity. If got no option, being patient and silent. 

Challange of the week: Stay away from gossips (any kind) for a week. Keep silent during gossips or walk away. How you feel??