harry potter! Her favourite set of books. She was reading it on the toilet seat.

“I found this on your table..” the door was banged with a loud tone!


“A novel! Where did you get this from? Since when are you reading this?”

“I’m using the toilet! And then I will bath.”

“Im asking you something. Answer that!”

“I got it from the library. My friend got it on my card. And I got it home by mistake.”

The girl was a bright one. She was a fast reader. She read a 300 page novel in a day or two.

Her father was a novel reader too. He read different thriller novels in Hindi. Her father’s father was a very educated old man, but novels are one thing that he hated. Yes, hate. He was living in his era and considered that these were on lustful and served nothing.

She panicked inside the bathroom and sat inside for an hour. She hid the book under her towel and kept on listening if her father had left the door.

She slowly came out when he went, and hid behind her mother.

Coming back from office she was screamed on, for reading.

She remembered her a year back when her grandparents lived in a different city. Tanishi and her father would share stories of what they were reading with each other. She, 13, would get inside her father’s blanket after finishing Goosebumps in 5 hours after school.

Everything was finished. She was too young and this instance left a mark on her. She had that chill that she could be slapped for believing to read lustful stories, which she did not even like .

Tanishi is 26 years of age, she cannot concentrate on maintaining lines after lines to read. She is confused when selecting books, wishes to go to physiatrist to erase the memory. But she finds it to be too thought upon.

She has given up. She couldn’t go to foreign to pursue her studies. Everything seemed lame and not worth putting efforts for.