The high end jewellery that my life is.. 

This is how she started ..”As fucked up and as hopeless as I feel right now. May be I should sleep. I love my baby a lot. He is the cutest person. He loves me so much. He hugs me kisses me saves me. With my husband, I have imagined the most beautiful life. Yes it is neither his responsibility nor anything to keep me happy or make a thing out of my life. But it must be something. Surely, before blaming someone else for not living the kind of life I had imagined and yet surely -my husband does provide me with all the facilities in the world- something in me must be wrong. What is that? Not being brave enough to take a step. I need strength.

Being too obsessed for living in my comfort zone, being so specific of how someone should talk to me. How parents should treat me. I love my baby.. maybe caring for him is the only good and big thing I’ll be able to do in life. I have to accept it and be a housemaker. Housewife.

With all the pain in me, from one person if I can expect to understand how i feel.. its no one.. my gem years are wasting.. i hope i live peacefully n keep my family happy..”

She cried so much on the word housewife.. she broke down.. she’ll be strong again.. and definitely do something when her time comes.. Hope..