Important Tips On Keeping it together

Wake up early. Take that one hour to care for yourself. Exercise, yoga, meditate, play your favourite sport, do a facial regime, go for a walk, sit outside alone, read, journalise, watch the birds and butterflies, watch the sunrise, drive the car, bike or bicycle, go hiking, or do whatever makes your waking early fruitful for your heart and brain. Be an achiever of things you love. Waking up early signals parts of your brain that you are important and you are an achiever. Starting to wake up early can totally change your life.

Self Care. Go for that body massage. Take that haircut. Gift yourself something. Smile often. Sleep. Shower. Pamper yourself. Eat at your favourite restaurant. Cook your favourite recipe. Drink plenty of water.

Call your friends. Meet them regularly. Treat yourself the way you treat them. Friends are happiness, they can make life way more easier. Also, start being Your friend.

Motivate yourself. To be happy. Listen to an encouraging podcast. Watch that mentor you like. Listen to the Tedx talk on Youtube and other online platforms. One each day.

Journal on things that are important. Journalising is what keeps us organised and a pen and paper is something that does the trick to achieve more. Pen and paper make things real.

I’ve started working on Journalising my priorities in life this week. We can work on the ways to do it correctly, together. Post in comments below.

Write down how you feel. Write about all the things that make you upset. Also, about all the things that make you happy and content. Write about where you want to reach and what you want to do.

Read. Read what you write. A month later. Read that happy page you wrote. Read that book that you actually want to read. There is so much stuff available to read rather than just sitting there in your comfort zone and thinking about nothing or something that adds no value to YOU. Pick something up and read. Newspaper, magazines, books, online sites, start investing in yourself. Read for five minutes daily. And slowly increase the time to reading half hour religiously, everyday.

Donate. This year I found so much difference in myself donating all the problems that I had. My problems were so much clutter of things like clothes, footwear, bags, makeup, accessories and more. Just keeping me occupied without serving anything. Keeping me messed up without helping to define who I really am. Donating all the things I don’t really need made me happy. I also donated things that I may need because I had four or more. So I kept one and donated three for people who do not have even one. My life is so drastically organised and I’m getting compliments every single day on my style. From people I rarely expect. I have a more clear thought of what I want to do for myself. I am still very far from being a minimalist (read: happy human) but I will reach there soon. Remember, its a never ending process. But its worth it.

Say NO. This one hit me today. I know this since forever. But today it hit me. First, work on yourself. Be your version of yourself. It may take months but keep on going, keep reading, listening, motivating, writing. All the negativity will come out, in tears, anger, nausea, but keep going. Keep encouraging yourself to change things that hinder your mental happiness. You will find what really affects you. What really serves you. Time will come when you’ll realise that there are events, parties, people that you want to say NO to. And its totally okay. Do it. Say it. Let them mind. Say it for yourself. Say No if that going out will make you not happy. And say yes if you want to do it, if it will make you happy, if it will teach you something, if there’s a person you shall meet, if you want to eat out. And say no if there is something more important that you shall be doing. I’ll start doing this from today. Lets see how it goes.

Connect to people who add value to your life. People who have same values as you but more. Be in a strong social network, which doesn’t gossip but shares and work on ideas.

Change the pattern you’ve been living and Start with one thing. Pick one thing at a time. It may take a whole year, but its going to be worth it.

Because you are important.

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

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