There is nothing.. almost nothing that is hidden from you. Where almost means nothing that I know of. There is not even a single thing that I wouldn’t tell you on purpose. Infact I will tell you on purpose. All my feelings, every bit of evilness inside me is so open and clear to you. I want to be my truest to be loved by you. I love you so much that I don’t want you to love a person who is not completely herself with you. 


Its difficult being a woman in a men’s world, more because of some sick women who focus on keeping the men up. Women who talk against women are the worst. 

Though it is mostly the result of what they have learned from their ancestors. So please change and love all the women out their for being themselves and giving themselves more importance than anybody.

Be with people who are happy. Happy and content with what they have. 

Happy and content not only when they have to show off.

Happy and content when there’s a big party and they have to host.

When they wake up, they find lots of opportunities and things to do.

Every morning is a bright day. 

Every person shall make them happy.

Less complains and more play. 

Not home making, finding adventures outside that box. 

Food lovers and loving chefs too. 

Encouraging and motivating where ever they go.

Finding faults only in self. 

Always smiling, happy and content. 

I want to grow old with you. I want ro travel the world with you. I want to see you smiling so much. I want us to be the best partners. I want to hold you so tight and never let you go. I love your frangrance so much. 

You know whats wrong with me? These are only the happy things. What about the sad ones? Life cannot be all marry. I’ll be by your side in all your troubles. I’ll stand up for you in all your needs. I’ll try to frown less if we are not able to go for a holiday. I’ll remind you my birthday and our anniversary. I’ll hold you hand when I dress sexily.  I’ll love you even when we’ll have no sex (growing old). I’ll love you and hold on to you in our worst times. 

There’s no reason to why I love you. I never understand what truly love means. Or if what all I’m saying I’ll be able to do in such a long life. Keeping the commitment with all the distractions that comes! So many times I think that you know what love is amd you’ll teach me how to do it. And many I times I hate you for not loving me as much as I wished. All I know that this little sentence makes sense. You define my happiness. You complete me. When you are around, I’m so me. 

I have loved you always and will always love you. You are my world. 

Becoming better

Everyday nowadays, I focus on becoming better. I thought of starting my post with a quote. I googled but nothing as per my opinion. 

Better will also be a comparision. Being spiritually high. High is again a standard. Being spiritual.

If you carefully live your life, you will notice we spend most of our time comparing with others. We compare ourselves, our family, children, lives, other people to other people. This has become so constant that we think it is normal. Trying to improve ourselves by comparing to ourselves is a good though but then there can be an alternative. I was a good person yesterday. And today I’m improving. 

I believe the most important thing to do as a human is to respect someones feelings and making sure they are not hurt because of us. Every person has a different way of life and thoughts. Helping someone to improve as a person and through someone getting a chance to understand the motive of life. Peace. 

End of the trip.. 

On way to chennai. From Tirupati, we went to a temple in Shrikalahasti. Both sides there were mountains and coconut trees. It was a good car journey. We also saw deers on way down from Tirumala. 

This was the view from our room in Tirumala. We could see two windmills. There were so many Chrishtmas trees and the roads reminded me of Queenstown, NZ.