Where are you?

I’m sitting here on my bed typing on my phone about a thought that can change the world.

One simple thought has the power to change the world. I may not be the most informed person or travelled human or having great English vocabulary. But I have a mind, which is mine.

Swami Vivekanand had a thought that every human has their own mind, heart, eyes, ears, mouth , nose and other parts to speak, listen and do what they feel right and make choices of their own. To be done with a kind heart.

Does all this have meaning? Social platforms that has taken over the world. Non-communicating best friends and families. Everything feels so near yet nothing touches our heart.

I may feel being best friends with Priyanka Chopra, but she does not know if I exist. I have love for Meghan Markle’s smile, but hey did I even spell the dutchess last name right? My husband may bring a bunch of red roses for me on a random day (the best thing a wife can ask) but did he get me that Prada bag, I whispered in his ears.

The world is becoming so careless. Earth will not go into blackhole, humans may.

So just stand up, and run away from living a monotonous life. When you see a big celebrity or brand endorsing themselves, look up to them for the fact that they are working on themselves.