Beginner Minimalist

That day I had power over myself. I had motivated myself for more than a week to start reinventing my new style and my wardrobe- which was a total mess.

Minimalism is mighty. It was a no win no lose game for me.

I had not so much attachment to clothes. But I was stocked up mostly with -Just in case. After quickly removing 6 long tops, I started discovering something. In countless journey into the deep areas of my closet, I started finding tops, that were unironed, lost and had meaning. My husband gave this to me, this one was my first date dress, this I have to fit in dress, to be fixed by tailor dress, too loose dress to be wore on sleepy days, or the blacks never worn. It was difficult. To challenge meaningful garments and give them away.

I did it in a week and a month and still continuing. To I’m definitely giving three long kurtas or may be five if I can convince myself that nothing is more costly than my sanity and peace. Nothing new was incoming because I already had so much new stuff packed and kept in another cupboard. Tailor sending stuff were send on the same day. Once the stuffs were out of the cupboard, it was out of sight and given. Going through them again is the worse thing you can do to yourself after such hard work and patience.

I’ve been getting compliments for my attire almost everyday now. Life seems so much easier when I can actually find things to wear. Instead of repeating the same 5 dresses, after having 100, I get to chose from and repeat 25. I’ve discovered what and where I shall I really go shopping to, without even going. Going shopping to a wrong place can add to clutter.

P.s A never ending journey that made me happier and so much satisfied.