I want to grow old with you. I want ro travel the world with you. I want to see you smiling so much. I want us to be the best partners. I want to hold you so tight and never let you go. I love your frangrance so much. 

You know whats wrong with me? These are only the happy things. What about the sad ones? Life cannot be all marry. I’ll be by your side in all your troubles. I’ll stand up for you in all your needs. I’ll try to frown less if we are not able to go for a holiday. I’ll remind you my birthday and our anniversary. I’ll hold you hand when I dress sexily.  I’ll love you even when we’ll have no sex (growing old). I’ll love you and hold on to you in our worst times. 

There’s no reason to why I love you. I never understand what truly love means. Or if what all I’m saying I’ll be able to do in such a long life. Keeping the commitment with all the distractions that comes! So many times I think that you know what love is amd you’ll teach me how to do it. And many I times I hate you for not loving me as much as I wished. All I know that this little sentence makes sense. You define my happiness. You complete me. When you are around, I’m so me. 

I have loved you always and will always love you. You are my world. 

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

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