When we want everyone in our life to respect the choices we make for ourselves, we should do the same for others. 

I have so much to jot down (little one, best friend home, her bachellorette, best friend shopping and why to avoid online shopping in India for infants, why i dont wanna go back to work, how mind works, feeding problem guide, baby boy care, depression issues, much needed holiday ideas and my not-working-plans to get it, business plan and why I’m stuck between keeping or not keeping a helper.. so on amd on) and tell you all and so little energy that I procastinate. And it become never because all the positive thoughts vanish in time with all the running between feeds and work and ideas and sleeps and cleaning. 

At my mom’s place if I’ll he able to understand and make my Mom understand and remind her how her daughter in law must be feeling. Reminding her everytime to hug her before going to bed and asking her what she likes. I hope its not that difficult if you do all these little things from day one. 

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

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