Life with my little guy

I love my baby a lot. When I’m occupied doing some work- like mostly getting ready for attending the social parties or this time packinv for a family religious tour or any household chore- I hope that I someone attends to him. But when I’m not doing anything, I love playing with him. I get more attracted to him when someone else is playing with him and he is very jolly. I start missing hugging Chimo. 

Chimo was sick this weekend due to so much travelling and again we have bags packed, this time to fly and not car travel. I’m not at all excited for this trip. Chimo is very small. I’m hoping to take good care of him and hoping he enjoys and stays fit and gets to sleep and play on his back everywhere. The iteniary is fixed by our uncle’s family. And its a big family tour. Everything is so scheduled with a little guy on board. Can we do it? Or should it be ‘Can I do it?’ Time will tell. 

After I come back, that would be Sunday evening, I’ll plan to leave to see my Mumme. I miss her so badly. I miss being myself. I miss sleeping nicely and talking opening and laughing greatly and eating peacefully. I miss getting spoiled. Its so restful. Lets see if I get to go there.

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

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