My baby is growing..

Chimo is 4 months new today. He is the nicest infant around. It’s been around five days he has a fever (with one day gap). He got his vaccine and then fever and then due to hot and cold air- that fever continued. It was midnight and he woke up crying loud. He was thirsty. His poop was green. That too done by glycerine suppotory. I found a hair coming out of his bump while cleaning him. He was cranky but I slowly pulled it out so that it doesn’t break inside (I would have gone crazy.) 

He is sleeping right now with his grandma. I miss his laughter and plays. He has really got dull after the fever. He wouldn’t calm down easily nowadays, but I don’t get frustrated or shh him louder than his cries. I cannot believe the amount of patience I have inside me for him. It’s love I know. 

Oh! I hear his voice! 

Will share more about our life..