Leather Free World

Whats worse than eating animals? Wearing animals. You are not filling your stomach but your pride, ego and ignorance. Animals in makeup, or as shoes or clothes, or like mobile covers or handbags/purses. Have some shame. Wear your own skin. Don’t rip someone elses skin to show of your money. Yes, you are rich enough to buy a Louis Vuitton. But you know whats cooler, donating that amount to charity. May be plant some trees. Show that off. Not your calf skinned belt and bag. Live free of leather. God has given you a life, live in peace.

Divaga and her beast

She walked her way to the stairs downwards. If a man were present, he could only lust for her and women couldn’t help but envy the enchanting sensuality. Not even a single pillar of all the hundreds of pillars she crossed by was touched to a slightest. She wouldn’t care to notice all gazing her. The minimum that the body was covered was all in noiseless jewellery than the clothes, but her soul seemed naked.

Before you could dare to look at her ecstatic eyes and shining shadow, an elegant beast will already be looking through you. Every step she took was followed by her tiger as ravishingly. This was a remarkable memory to her and the tiger every year. The feel of their chemistry cannot be expressed. Her’s was the most endearing presence, she met each and every woman and girl and they later on soaked in the glittery clear pool.

Each lady’s animal waited for their master, but the only tiger would accompany her for their bath. He would then carry away all the few things hiding her skin. And bring to her- her drape of pink and no metal. After the aroma steam, she would sit on her elephant and leave for the palace. Midnight she stood in the windy balcony, complaining yet regarding the 10th full moon as her hair swayed in rhyme with her simple attire and the tiger sat on the wide railing guarding and admiring her.