Missing World


Three little wonders of joy

Here are the pictures of an orphanage that I visited today.

There were 17 kids including 4 infants (three girls and a boy.) The baby boy is in hospital because of being left outside in the sun by his parents.  Baby girls are very cute and small, they look like 5 to 10days old. One of them woke up from her sleep, her cry was so little- one could barely hear.

There were 5 small kids. They were not one year old yet. All were sleeping except the two angels. With them slept one of their caretakers. Out of the two not-sleepy-heads, one was crying so much. She was hungry. The caretaker picked her by her hand, placed her outside the kitchen and handed her a little glass, filled it with milk. The girl kept crying. I feel sorry to write, the woman gave her a beating and two, till she heard me shouting, “don’t do that.” The child then drank her milk. Hardly nine months girl she was. She held her glass and drank by herself. She was not bottle fed or breast fed. All these little kids were sleeping on the floor.

There were little elder ones too. Eight probably. How many of them were actually orphan and how many were the kids of the caretakers, no one could tell.

Two kids couldn’t walk. Two were having cold, so couldn’t eat the ice cream we got them. One of the girls was smart. She called her care taker ‘Aunty’. She was not too mannered but asked me to bring her chips next time. I told her that I saw packet of chips and biscuits  somebody has left for them, but she insisted for me to get them myself. I wondered she was taught to talk in such way.

At the entrance of this compact house were kept toys and little rides like garbage.  My friend said that the orphanage is in the posh colony of the city, so all the money-headed parents leave their kids old stuff like garbage here. No one cares, not even the little ones of that suffocating house.

I missed those three little girls all the way home.