Honeymoon Part-1


Likuliku resort, Fiji

Ours was true ‘big fat Indian wedding’. With more than 5000 guest and a week of events and functions and hectic rituals, escaping the city became very important to ease on our tiredness. We flew from India to Fiji via Korea. Almost a day and half journey increased my . And I had a typical mind set (“how its supposed to be”) regarding honeymoon. This is a true story with no spice added.
Nothing serious, but honeymoon is not as sweet as honey, and you are mostly so tired that you won’t be seeing the moon much.

We were welcomed on the island with music and dance. I wanted to dance along, but my hubby was in formals. On heading to our resort, we chose a longer path only to see other resorts through boat. It seemed my husband was waiting for the room to start his romance. He was so tired carrying all the luggage that all our journey went sleeping and eating.

A deluxe room. More like a hut, with a private pool and a picturesque sea, a great view– calls you outside early morning at your private beach –from your bed. You won’t be lazy. We also saw the water houses above the beach. They are pretty. Some part of the flooring is of glass, so its nice to see the water under from the room. All night the waves make noise, which seemed disturbing to the couple– whose room we went in. They also had stairs to the water where they could do snorkelling in the water directly.

Don’t leave your camera and bikini/ bermudas. The scene is so gorgeous that we could sit there for hours and enjoy the sound of the sea.
Yeah, we did not. There was so much else to do (wink). We also had a bed at the outer porch near the pool with the view of sea. A personal space with so much in it that you needn’t go out of your room. But no food is served in the rooms.

Being vegetarians, I got bored of bread and butter and fruits. So, Monty would order for dinner in afternoon and they would search for our Indian recipes online and serve us at dinner. Always warm and welcoming.

Apart from the leisures, they have few water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and other that I did not see.
Scuba was so annoying, more because we couldn’t go for it due to all training and stuff. I think Bora Bora is better for scuba.

How can I forget! Couple spa.. There’s nothing “couple” about it, only that you and your husband would share one room. You both get one strong muscular ‘woman’ massaging your backs. What a bliss it was! When we were about to sleep, we had to get up. If only we had a proper booking made! The massage was better than the Polynesian Spa in Rotorua, New Zealand (which is famous for I don’t know what. Just the different types of pools maybe.)
Fiji plays a different kind of music in your ears and mind. Its relaxing! Don’t stress for too much.

P.s. Go and spoil your senses.

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

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