She still sat there waiting for him. But he had already left her. He had made his mind. He did not want her anymore. He had fallen in love with someone who wasn’t her. It couldn’t be his mistake.. Only that she didn’t know where her life will be heading.. was her love not true?

She saw him outside that shop, her heart followed.. her mind asked her not to listen.. Yet she walked to talk to him..
“Mommy, look what Papa got for you..” she heard her child’s overjoyed voice and looked back.
Before she could think of anything, she saw Matthew kneeling down to her with a bunch of balloons and a rose in his hand.. only for her. After 7 years of their marriage, how he would still remember her little things and somehow make her laugh.. all he wanted was to keep her happy, to give her all his love..
She could see that she was cheating no one but herself, she could realise that she deserved to be happy and give herself another chance at love, she saw that she could’ve have prayed but never got anybody better.. she knew that he was the one for her.. his smile, his eyes spoke to her heart..
She forgot everything else.. that moment.. that single moment.. changed her life.. She truly fell in love..

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

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