Happily Arranged..

My life was going normal.. And suddenly I woke up on the morning of 22nd Oct.. Whaoo.. Surprised or shocked.. Don’t know.. But I’m ENGAGED! To who..? Lemme check my phone.. wow.. he’s mine..

I don’t know how long will it take me to digest all the feelings and understand that this all is for real..

All I know that it shall be real quick because I don’t want to lose these precious moments of our togetherness..

I wanna live each and every moment of this phase thats flying away so fast.. Its already seven days since the first day we met..
The first time I saw you..I remember how you came and sat right in front of me.. I could barely look at you, only when you were asking me questions.. which were quite many..

I remember that car ride so well.. It was so pleasant.. I felt so safe and comfortable being with you.. As if all my secrets are always safe with you..

You are really special.. I adore the sound of your voice.. whenever we’re on a call.. I’m in another world.. And its amazing being there..
As if something had planned everything since forever.. And I just had to say ‘Yes, its you I wanna be with..’ Because everything felt perfect.. All the pieces of the puzzle falling at the right places..
It may take time.. but I’ll be all you want..

P.s. The flowers are beautiful.. And so is this feeling..

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

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