People who DO will always reach somewhere, people who don’t, will definitely not, talent matters if your actions matter to you.

She got married and has two beautiful children, and is living a good life but those glittering eyes are calm now. I sometimes feel maybe I should have encouraged her. In reunions, we talk about the writings of Anita Nair, Chetan Bhagat, Arundhati Roy and the great Amish Tripathi! Not even the same genre.

My hate-like friend, was the most influencing persons I had known or will ever know. She spoke too much, yet the listeners managed to enjoy. This girl lagged in every task, accomplishing better than the perfect ones.

Her friend would ask, “why don’t you write? You should write more often.”
“I have to. Sadly, Ive so much work..” she would say, “I’ll finish it first and start on writing next week when I go to London. It will be all calm for me and..” That was Betty.

It was so genuinely convincing, but briefly, she was a powerful drag. That was her actual talent. Through her, I knew her friends were good people. Including me.

Every time, she would have this fear of failure and degraded to the worst level when she had to prove herself. She was like a dodder, always relying on others for comfort and encouragement. Dependent completely. I never liked her much, for her unsatisfactory behaviour, so demanding and the pitiful character she was becoming. She judged people close to her and was extremely ignorant towards the rest of the crowd. More so, because she thought low of herself and did not know how to converse with someone. She could continue thinking about one thing for months, that was the importance she had for time in her life. That was the mere importance Betty gave to herself. People loved her because she was kind and could keep herself in others shoes and think rationally.
I hated her because all her kindness, judgements and talents and life was wasting in vain.

Compared to her, people with no talent were at better stands, more known and appreciated.
In life, I saw no hope for her, nor did I expect, unlike her ‘good’ friends.
Living life knowing you could have done better is not plenty enough. Talent is directly proportionate to actions. Having the courage to live and struggle for that dream, putting in that effortful hard-work, the wisdom of choice over the choices, leaving those preferential perks, gets you where you think you could ‘easily’ be.

That person you compare yourself with is far ahead because you do not have the spark to achieve. They have given up on things that you can’t, respect them. Try reaching them, not comparing or criticising. They made a mark, but you are just happy and satisfied in comparison. Thats the difference!

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

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