Missing Someone

Missing someone becomes an important part of ourselves. How we smile and frown again and again living the same memories. There are people who try to fill this distance we have between us and real happiness. But no matter what they think, they cannot really understand what’s going on at the back of our mind. The memories that are constantly knocking to take you away from present. The way we struggle to live the moment that’s in front of us. No, we are not sad or depressed and neither are we alone, we are just taken away. A part of us has been lost that cannot be found.

We only want normality. Every piece of the life’s puzzle to be in harmony. We are not heartbroken. We want ensure safety to ourselves, we don’t want to hurt. We are not loners. We are survivors of the gusty waves that took us away. We are not the most sensitive or a rock person. We are real souls who are looking for real things in life and people. We don’t want love. Just a little hope, that life is worth it. We find calmness in living with ourselves, the memories.

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

4 thoughts on “Missing Someone”

  1. This really touched me. This is how I feel like too, however, I do suffer from depression. I am going to pull in a few writers to help you with your writing. @whisper2scream @lillearner They will be able to answer your questions.

  2. I think you have a different style to writing which I really like. It is unique. The style part, you’ve definitely got that down and as for the little writing tweaks, I think I’ll go with priceless joy’s suggestion. But I do really like this.

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