Early morning, he woke up having a bad dream. The dream wasn’t that bad, only that he did not like it, couldn’t remember most of it and feared it to go true.

Shrugging off the superstition, he moved on to his daily chores when his 8 year old kid said,” Daddy, stomachache!”
For seconds or so he looked at her little eyes and ran to catch her, “come here you little cupcake! Come here..” And she ran around the house screamingly giggling with excuses to not to go to school.
Catching up with her was a task which he somehow managed. But telling her that her mother will be picking her up and he’ll get to meet her the next friday, was never easy.
“I love you Daddy!” she says as she leaves the car to rush back again, “I know I will go with Mommy. Bye Daddy!” He could see her growing up and he seemed old in the mirror.

“Don’t you think you should first talk to her?” She asked.
“No, I think she’s going to adore you.” He said taking her hand in his.
The door of the lift opened and she panicked even more, “What if she doesn’t? What will we do then? Did I forget something? Are you sure she likes puzzles?”

He smiled at her as he gave her a final nod of opening the door to the apartment,”Baby! Relax.. She’s my daughter. And I know she’ll love you. ”
When they entered, they saw her sitting on the table doing her homework. He walked towards her and said, “Honey, someone has come to meet you.”
“Has someone come, or have you brought Aunt Lucy to meet me, Daddy?” She teased her father when the three exchanged surprising looks .

“See what I’ve got for you!” Lucy hurried with the gifts and all fell from her hand except one. She stepped forward with tears in her big blue eyes, handing it over to Naumi, “I’m sorry. I hope you like it.”

While Naumi opened the wrap and her father watched her curiosity, Lucy prayed that she likes it. It was a teddy holding a photo frame. She placed picture of Naumi and Steve in it.
“Look Daddy! You look so handsome! We went here last summer, when you and Mommy were together.”
“Maybe we can go again, and show aunt Lucy what its like?”
“Yeah, maybe we can do that, if she’d like to come.”
“Oh I’d love to.”

When Steve went to pick a call from work which wasn’t one, to see them gel from a distance, Lucy and Naumi sat opening second gift of the eight gifts she got.
“You know I like you, if that is what you want to know. But you cannot cry like this, and you have to promise me if I have a little sister and you ever stay away from my Daddy, my sister will meet you on Fridays and stay with Daddy!”

With nothing to say, she nodded and hugged the kid, and the father was moved.

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

6 thoughts on “Dialogue”

  1. It is always touching to read about a father and daughter. I love that the little girl was so clever. Kids can be such spitfires. Put of the mouths of babes.

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