A room with a view

For me, giving a title to a post is overrated. So I’m mostly going to use something like the one I’ve used in this one.
A room with a view!
Writing101: Am I stuck at something from where I can never return? Will I be embarrassed about all the silly posts I’m going to publish during the month? Today I’m going to go with the flow and mix up the first and second task.

She watched as the class dispersed into groups -of twos, threes, six or solitary boys and girls. Though collectively by the noise it looked like they had best exam ever. But when she looked closer at each face, most are just faking the happiness. Some were just happy because the bad part is over and now they can enjoy the regular school again. A quick glance of the crush or multiple crushes, was all what some felt fine with.

He came near and stood besides her,

“what are you doing here?”

She said

“Getting fresh air.”

He smiled and continued,

” Lets go inside.”

She followed him blindly in the class, walking the steps to their seat was dance to her. She moved gracefully sat besides, and they talked about nothing.

A class strength of sixty with no teacher standing in front, and what she felt was complete calmness and happiness and a burst of fresh air. Every soul in the room was just an image travelling in light and all she could feel was her heartbeat.

It wasn’t just a classroom to her, it was the world. A simple eye contact which isn’t one, was what she treasured and the wall that she gazed was pretty even if it was dirty with shoe marks. The cluttering was rhythmic as her hair swayed under the fan and her shiny skin below the above light. Her lips flirted with the pink cheeks and she felt beautiful. For her, it was only them sitting in the class and even after sitting next to him, even after ignoring him completely, she felt safe because her heart was there and it was not broken.

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

11 thoughts on “A room with a view”

  1. Good post. Difficult to comment with regards to the task (a room with a view) however in general a good moment yet it becomes difficult because I am not sure what I am reading for given no title of the post. I, however, found some discrepancy such as “…no electricity…” in second last para in contradiction to the line “..her hair swayed under the fan..” in the last para. Overall, a delightful read.

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