Unlock the mind

It’s actually day 2 and I’m posting for day 1. Probably I should have joined for weekends with regards to all the work that I’ve to do during the week.
‘Unlock the mind’ the email said and the twist is to publish that stream of consciousness.
Yeah, right. As it is I’ve so less followers and after this post I’m may loose some. But its okay.. They must be thinking something and I’ve completely surrendered my half hour daily to them. I couldn’t yesterday because I was procrastinating and I couldn’t even realise when I fell asleep.
Right now, I’m on my way to college. Its 7:30am and I’m late as usual. Im not punctual at all. We have this liking for making a grand entry in the classroom. But sometimes, the grand entry is insulting when the faculty say,” You are too early for the next class” with no expression at all. And everybody is staring you in your face, even that cute boy, you kind of like just because you do.
And finally now, when I’ve reached, I don’t want to stop writing.
I’m standing in front of the class and the national anthem is going on.
Ok, now I’ve to go because they’ve shut the class door.

If you have or have not enjoyed reading this short post, do comment and tell me.
Take care!

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

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