Ek Dastaan

The colours that we feel the most and the textures that we can see through and the smiles that we love and the charms that steal our soul..

‘How dare you say such a thing! My father’s faults are half not equal to what your family has done to us. Yet, you complain about him and cry for you own family! How do you face yourself being so rude to us! What is wrong with you?’ He left slamming the door whereas Ahana felt nothing. She did not weep. She did not leave. She sat down staring at the picture that hung on the wall.

Days after loss of their child, their life together was destroyed. Liam did not understand what to say to get things back to normal. He missed his wife and was frightened even by the thought of where things were going.

At night when he would return with food for themselves, Ahana had already eaten and slept, with nothing for him in the kitchen. Day after day, night after night, nothing changed. Only that Liam started smoking, but never stopped loving Ahana, whereas she disputed, not rotten-ed by her manners.

An evening, when the bell rang, Ahana rushed to open the door. She was furious to see Liam’s father. Without inviting him inside, she said, “Your son is not home.” She noticed some papers in his hand.

“Yes, I know. I also know its been a week he is not here and you have done nothing about it, not even called anyone.”

“What do you want? Are these divorce papers!? Give them to me, I’m ready to sign them.” And she snatched the papers from him.

“No dear, they are not. I came here to tell you that you should treasure the people you still have with you. Liam loves you, I dont know how much you value that. It was as painful for us to see your baby..”

“Don’t!” She screamed covering her ears! “Please don’t! You could have saved my child! You killed him! I wanted him to live.” Weeping, wailing, mourning yet hiding the unhide-able “It had to be my decision, my husband’s decision, not yours or my family’s. He was to live. I was to give him life! You disposed his body, I couldn’t even see his face! No enemy would do that to a mother.” Ahana cried with pain and grief.

“I’m sorry. He was not strong enough to be saved, it was no use.”

“How dare you say that! Get out of here! You can say whatever you want to Liam, I don’t want to see you!” She wiped her tears, and locked the door on him only to begin crying again, tearing off the pages he brought.

Next morning, when she woke up on the table, she noticed Bristol hospital’s name on the white page. It wasn’t the hospital she was admitted in. After quickly collecting the bits, she saw Liam’s name as the patient. Hurriedly, she called the hospital, only to find out Liam was in coma. He never left her, but met with an accident the night-week before. Hit and run. He broke three rib cages, and had internal bleeding for hours. They found his body by the lane.
Surprised or shocked, she did not shed a tear. Who was this women? Did she deserve to become a mother?

Sitting by Liam’s side, she felt lost. He never came back, may be it was the only way to keep Ahana near him. And die being loved by her.

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

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