A chapter of a life

A letter written by a girl to her best friend who she deeply fell in love with. Fortunately or unfortunately, they never became more than that. Rather, they lost each other. I think this is the most common thing we see nowadays. How simple things become complicated, the unknown reasons of why we fail to accept love and confess at the time, and the wait for the perfect time when the world is just falling apart every second.

One day I will go away so far from your life that you will never be able to find me. . In time may be I won’t even need you. May be I’ll regret it more than you will, but I think I lost you quite back in time. I can’t exactly see when, but when I look back, every moment proves being perfect for each other is not enough. That one thread end for us was always loose.

One day I may not forget the first day we met, but someday you will realise that you could have done something about everything that just seemed to not happen. When you find that there was something that connected us better than anyone who we ever felt for or tried to connect with, I don’t want you to feel lost. You must believe that you’ve found yourself. But don’t look for me, stop looking for answers or framing questions. At that time, when you know that there is something called love, hold on to the person you have then.

Now when I say this, I don’t know how meaningfully or angrily you’ll take this, but it’s time. That day has come. No matter how much it affects our entire life, I’m not ready to give us another chance. Ever. I can’t wait and I promise, I won’t come back.
Best wishes.

She truly did what she wrote. She got over the person and is living a happy life doing things she loves. There may be a bit of him that still stays there deep down hidden which , thankfully, even she may not remember.
Some may say that it wasn’t true love and some may differ. All I know is that people change for good (at least for themselves, for survival).

We do fall in love again if we let go.

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

9 thoughts on “A chapter of a life”

  1. How nicely written. I can feel your emotions real and I hurt for you too just by reading. We all lose sometimes in love, we may love and not be loved back. But remember that loving is a wonderful thing. It’s better to love and lose than not love at all. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. You really think it’s about me? Haha! Actually it isn’t. I’m glad that it felt so.. And yes, love is the best thing that can happen to a person, you feel so alive with it.

  2. Hi, a wonderfully written post. It is difficult to establish the true state of mind of the author at the time of writing – must be accompanied by varied emotions. I think it would relate to everyone irrespective of their experiences in life. Overall, a good riveting post. Keep up and you should write others chapters!

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