Being French!

No, I’m not french! It’s the new language I’ve decided to learn. There’s strong desire to speak it fluently. I’m posting this so that I actually keep going on and not back-packing in between. I’m answerable here, at least ‘to’ my blog.

I had a foreign language subject in 7th grade, it was mostly a burden. Most of us chose french to show-off. I didn’t remember what all the faculty tried to teach us, but I remembered numbers. So when I got another chance, I joined a class during college, but sadly, couldn’t learn it properly. Reason being no revision, no one to talk to and focusing on the dates when the classes would end.

Yesternight, when I was stumbling , I found a nice article on skills that we should try to teach ourself. I thought it was a short list on what we can and should know, but a long one to actually implicate.

One of them was language. Apart from my mother language, I only know English- I can’t tell how properly. It’s embarrassing. I strongly believe we all should be able to speak three languages, it’s a great and important invention by humans.

Coming to the point, I’m starting to learn french. Again. This time I will. Half an hour everyday cannot be that difficult. It is by choice, even if I may never visit France (though I really really want to go to Paris). The most important thing in learning language is consistency and patience. God, I lack both.

Souhaiter moi bonne chance! (Googled)

Author: Divya A.A

This is real. Life is happening.

4 thoughts on “Being French!”

  1. Hi Salinadias. English is not my mother tongue either. Yes, consistency and patience are crucial in making a [new] language part of us (by keeping using it). Hey, maybe you’d like to have a blog in French and see how it goes from there? Cheers! 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Thank you for the idea. I’m not at all near French, so starting a blog in French would be huge step. May be I can start a category on this blog itself and if I succeed, then start afresh. What say?
      By the way, what language are you using on your blog? I’m sorry I really did not understand. 😦 These language barriers annoy me!

      1. I speak Star Trek. Nah, never mind that. In fact, I would be quite surprised if you speak Indonesian. 🙂 Yes, starting with a category sounds like a good idea indeed. By the way, while speaking more than one language does have its advantage, maybe there’s no need to worry too much if you don’t make it up to three (I hope you do, though), for I believe there are great people who armed themselves with one language only. 🙂

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