Being French!

No, I’m not french! It’s the new language I’ve decided to learn. There’s strong desire to speak it fluently. I’m posting this so that I actually keep going on and not back-packing in between. I’m answerable here, at least ‘to’ my blog.

I had a foreign language subject in 7th grade, it was mostly a burden. Most of us chose french to show-off. I didn’t remember what all the faculty tried to teach us, but I remembered numbers. So when I got another chance, I joined a class during college, but sadly, couldn’t learn it properly. Reason being no revision, no one to talk to and focusing on the dates when the classes would end.

Yesternight, when I was stumbling , I found a nice article on skills that we should try to teach ourself. I thought it was a short list on what we can and should know, but a long one to actually implicate.

One of them was language. Apart from my mother language, I only know English- I can’t tell how properly. It’s embarrassing. I strongly believe we all should be able to speak three languages, it’s a great and important invention by humans.

Coming to the point, I’m starting to learn french. Again. This time I will. Half an hour everyday cannot be that difficult. It is by choice, even if I may never visit France (though I really really want to go to Paris). The most important thing in learning language is consistency and patience. God, I lack both.

Souhaiter moi bonne chance! (Googled)