Break Free

Acceptance is the first step to ‘let go’. It isn’t necessary that you’ll find you best friend in the person you called so in childhood. Same as you may not be in love with the person you claim to be as a kid.

As we grow up, we change with our choices, priorities and difficulties and so does everyone.

There’s a point in everyones life where we feel left completely alone, we struggle for everything. But by choice we understand that may be we weren’t supposed to be with people who we assumed our ‘forever’.
The togetherness of this journey ends.

It rips our heart, we feel dead but something in us aches badly to remind us that unfortunately or fortunately, we’re alive.

But then, instead of looking back at the person who left your hand or whose hand you left, when you look ahead of who’s already grabbed you to make sure you don’t shatter away, its surprisingly heartwarming.

Coming at the right time, supporting you by all the ups and downs, weeping or smiling same as you do on the silly texts and talks and things that you connect with that’s not meaningless, at-least not to you.

That person hides your secrets in a safe, and loving you from the bottom of that heart so deep that even you wouldn’t know. Accept that new friendship and love and let go all fear.

Because you deserve the best. Because life is worth it!